Call for projects to join the Bpifrance Entrepreneur Incubator and the Université de Paris



Entrepreneurs, you have until 27 May 2021 to apply for this new call for projects and join the Incubator’s 2nd promotion!

eHealth: Bpifrance accelerates the emergence of innovative solutions

The Université de Paris, the Université de Paris Foundation and Bpifrance, via its Patient Autonomy Fund and the Healthtech Hub, have joined forces to create an incubator for eHealth entrepreneurs, with the aim of fostering and accelerating innovations in this field.

The Digital Health Entrepreneurship Incubator: A new incubation model
The Incubator offers an innovative support model built around the CEO to assist that person in the development of his project, by proposing human-oriented formats (individual coaching, small-scale workshops) and by bringing together all the players in the eHealth value chain.

The Incubator's objectives:

  • Accelerate the scaling-up of their companies and strengthen their competitive advantage through collaboration & mentoring between the selected leaders and the Incubator Community (eHealth-related manufacturers, mature startups, institutions, healthcare facilities, academics and students)
  • Create more links between health professionals (outpatient and hospital) and innovators (entrepreneurs and manufacturers) to refine the solution to meet their needs
  • Be in touch with social realities, address the needs of the moment and pay close attention to the training of students in management so that they become entrepreneurs

The Incubator aims to support, over a period of six months, a group of five managers who have created their company with a product in the process of being completed.

It undertakes to provide entrepreneurs with:

  • The time, expertise and experience of the mentors and community members who will lead the coaching formats
  • Bpifrance's know-how in supporting innovation, its health network and its communication power
  • The Université de Paris' health expertise: Facilitating experimentation through its network of partner hospitals and comparing innovations with the reality of medical needs
  • The network of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, start-ups, institutions and healthcare facilities in the Incubator Community

Incubated entrepreneurs are expected to make a reciprocal commitment: To get involved in the proposed coaching formats, to maintain a regular and transparent exchange with the Incubator team (in particular with the mentor), and to be an active contributor to the Incubator and the Community during the support period and afterwards.

It should also be noted that beyond the provision of resources, the Incubator's offer does not include systematic financing (either non-dilutive or in equity), nor does it include physically hosting the selected projects.

Application filing:

  • Deadline for submission: 27 May 2021 at 11:59 PM
  • Applications must be submitted exclusively online at the Démarches Simplifiées website.
  • Incomplete applications will be ignored.

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