Checking to see if you’re eligible for early access to reimbursement (PECAN)

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Is your DMD therapeutic or a remote monitoring activity?

Has your product earned CE marking for medical devices?

To be marketed in the EU, your DMD must meet general safety and performance requirements. They are defined in the European regulations on MDs.

Learn more: CE Marking

Can you demonstrate the clinical and/or organizational benefits of your solution?

Is your solution innovative?

Does your MD or remote monitoring activity allow the processed data to be exported?

  • It allows data to be exported in appropriate interoperable formats or nomenclature that ensure direct access to the data.
  • Or it contains interfaces for exchanging data with devices or accessories to collect the patient's vital signs.


Is your solution already being covered by the Health Insurance Fund in a different way?

You’re eligible for early access to reimbursement (PECAN)

Early reimbursability is relevant to you

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