Federation of Private Non-Profit Hospitals and Personal Assistance Establishments (FEHAP)



Type of actor

Health Federation

Fields of intervention

Social care / Social

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What is FEHAP?

FEHAP, the leading federation of the private health sector, brings together more than 4,800 health care and social care facilities working within more than 1,500 managing bodies Their 280,000 professionals represent nearly 12% of salaried jobs in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Together, they guarantee equal access to care and support for more than 2.5 million people every year, regardless of age, disability, illness or social situation.

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  • Representing and advocating: FEHAP represents and defends the interests and values of the private solidarity sector at the European, national and regional levels. The Federation is a source of useful ideas to improve the health system.
  • Informing and advising: The Federation's role is to inform, advise and train its members on all subjects that concern them (legislative and regulatory developments, health system reforms, employment law, finance, pricing, governance, digital technology, etc.)
  • Supporting and training: FEHAP supports its members as they face strategic challenges or difficulties. It provides support through training and skills development activities, and participates in the networking of its members.
  • Anticipating and innovating: The Federation provides a vision based on analyses and studies of health issues. It is committed to supporting and promoting the innovations of its members and provides support for collective research initiatives.

I have a project, how can contacting FEHAP be of use to me?

  • FEHAP is the only hospital federation present in all fields of social protection: health, medical, and social care sectors. It therefore has a comprehensive view of the health system, consistent with the vision expressed in current reforms (Ma Santé 2022, Ségur de la Santé).
  • FEHAP can therefore provide you with the tools to understand French health care that you need to create digital solutions that meet the requirements of the national health information system.
  • FEHAP is working alongside the Ministry to support the development of eHealth (DMP, MSSanté, Digital EMS, Structure 3.0, etc.). As such, it represents the interests of its members to government agencies as they construct these programmes. FEHAP also supports its members in their digital service deployment projects.

Do you have a sense of solidarity, a desire to work in the public interest and for the common good?

  • FEHAP addresses the needs of the private non-profit sector. All our establishments are associations: Non-profits, congregations, mutual aid societies, foundations. Philanthropic partnership projects are welcome.

At what stage of my project should I contact them?

During the design or deployment phase of the solution.

What can FEHAP do for project leaders?

Topics involved

All topics in the field of medical and social care.

Accessible resources (database, observatory)

Does it fund projects?

No, but FEHAP manages calls for initiatives financed by private donors.

Links to innovators and entrepreneurs

Observatory and Innovation Awards

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Practical guide

Frequently asked questions about FEHAP.

Who is the right person to contact?

laurent.pierre@fehap.fr - Digital advisor

Can the FEHAP support my project individually?


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