RPPS+ (French HPs shared directory)

The RPPS is the leading directory for identifying individual professionals working in the health, medical and social care sectors.

Getting started

A video presentation of the RPPS+, and more generally of the identification of actors in the repositories, is available on the following Facebook page of the ANS

This repository contains the reliable, unique identification data of all professionals who need to access, exchange or share health data for the purposes of care, coordination or regulation of services.

What identifying information is contained in the directory?

  • Personal records data (such as name/first name/date of birth, etc.).
  • Data specific to the health sector (such as the professional's national public identifier, profession or specialty, place of practice, public e-mail address, etc.)

Are all professionals in the RPPS?

The RPPS will be expanded from 2021 to include all health professionals who need to identify themselves electronically on digital services. Furthermore, professionals who were registered in ADELI will now be registered in the RPPS.
The directory is therefore set to increase from approximately 500,000 professionals representing six professions to more than 1,500,000 professionals. It may be assumed that by the end of 2021, the vast majority of the professionals working in the health sector will be in the RPPS.

Why use the Health Directory?

The directoryThe RPPS allows you to identify professionals and to track updates to their practices. It allows eHealth services to ensure the reliability of the data presented to their users and, if necessary, to set up an access right policy based on the characteristics of the professional (e.g. a doctor has automatic access to certain information, without having to manually set up that access).
Furthermore, the use of a single directory and RPPS number for each professional in France will help to minimise interoperability costs and modernise the network architecture of eHealth.
The RPPS, through the Health Directory, includes an interface for querying public data. For publishers, it also provides standardised query layers for retrieving or verifying data.
The use of electronic identification through Pro Santé Connect allows easy access to RPPS data.

To find out more about the directory and how to access it, go to Documentation.

In practice

Visit annuaire.sante.fr to freely read or download our excerpts manually, in order to familiarise yourself with the data in the Health Directory.

When ?

When you want to check the information of a health professional, check our data on the annuaire.sante.fr user interface.

When you want to create a directory of contacts, download the excerpts of our data to populate your database.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Next steps in the project:

  • Late 2022

    RPPS: Complete decommissioning of the ADELI application.

Our experts on the subject

Yarong Hu Weber,

Agence du numérique en santé

Marc Devos,

Agence du numérique en santé

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