Pro Santé Connect

Pro Santé Connect is a centralising authority for identity providers.

Getting started

Pro Santé Connect is a centralising authority for identity providers (IF) using the OpenID Connect standard.

With the connected services, it allows professionals to authenticate themselves using either their e-CPS - a smartphone app - or their CPS.

Pro Santé Connect sends the service provider a token containing certain standard identity features (surname, first name, gender, etc.) as well as certain sector-specific identity features (profession, expertise, practice, etc.) from the RPPS so that the service provider can, in addition to simple electronic identification, check the reliability of the data it uses and manage all or some of its authorisations.

Most changes (functional, regulatory and technological) can be deployed instantly across the entire geographical area, without impacting the operation of the connected digital services.

In practice

Request your own connection to the testing/sandbox environment. First you need to request an account.

When ?

The connection to PSC is an upgrade like any other, which can be applied to new projects or to services that have been running for a long time.

Expect to wait about 24 hours for a technical connection and an average of 2 months for a functional connection.

Key figures


authentications via PSC in June


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Fiche réglementation RPPS+

Le RPPS est le répertoire sectoriel de référence permettant d'identifier les professionnels, personnes physiques, intervenant dans les secteurs sanitaire, médico-social et social.

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The technical framework describes the actions in the ministerial roadmap for the eHealth shift.

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