Coordination Tools

This is a set of services enabling professionals to coordinate the course of treatment.

Getting started

The implementation of courses of treatment must be based on fluid coordination between all the players and professionals in the health, medical, and social care fields.

Digital coordination services therefore constitute a set of secure workflow tools enabling professionals to coordinate, share information, and organise a seamless course of treatment.

The digital coordination service package includes:

  • The coordination file, which brings together the information and tools needed to implement coordination and is based on the DMP
  • Description of the care team (all of the health, medical and social care professionals)
  • The Personalised Health Plan, updated as needed (Nursing Care Assessment, Personalised Health Coordination Plan, etc.)
  • Services for detecting and screening users' situations with the aim of integrating them into a coordination system
  • The user's referral/tracking file and alert management
  • The professional social network and calendar sharing
  • The management of referrals, in preparation for the return home

These digital coordination services are based on national tools such as the DMP record, the MS Santé trusted space, and e-prescriptions, and are based on core standards (security, interoperability, authentication, directories, INS).

They are interoperable with the workstation tools of the professionals involved.

In practice

The digital services deployed in the regions must be interoperable with regional coordination tools to ensure coherent information sharing around the individual. Manufacturers are asked to ensure that they have implemented the technical core necessary for interoperability (uniquely identifying the person, the professional and the facility; compliance with and implementation of the standards of the interoperability framework).

When ?

Regional coordination tools are being deployed in every region of France.

Manufacturers are asked to contact the ARS as soon as they intend to deploy a digital service.


National framework agreements

Digital coordination services must be based on the eHealth core services and standards.

A national framework agreement lists a set of manufacturing partnerships and service providers to equip and support the regions within the framework of the programme

  • Part 1: Publication and integration of digital coordination support services
  • Part 2: Oversight
  • Part 3: Deployment and usage support

Read the article on the national framework agreements for the implementation of e-Treatment

The e-Treatment program



Next steps in the project:

  • September 2019 to December 2023

    Regional approaches to acquiring digital coordination services through subsequent contracts.

Our experts on the subject

Marie Gabrielle Rietsch,

Ministry of Health

Nathalie Baudinière,

Agence du numérique en santé

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