Délégation ministérielle au Numérique en Santé (DNS)



Type of actor

Institutional player

Fields of intervention

Health / Social care

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What is the Délégation ministérielle au Numérique en Santé (DNS)?

The Ministerial Delegation for eHealth (DNS) is responsible for steering all eHealth transformation projects.

The DNS reports directly to the Minister of Health. It closely oversees the Agence du Numérique en Santé ("ANS").

To bring all the stakeholders on board, the major pillars of eHealth policy are debated by the eHealth Council. The delegation also seeks advice from an ethics unit to ensure that its actions are consistent with humanist values and to interface with European and international initiatives relating to eHealth. The technical doctrine of the eHealth roadmap and the associated architecture diagram are updated regularly.

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  • Leads the eHealth transformation actions, in particular the ministerial roadmap for eHealth
  • Ensures closer oversight of the ANS
  • Leads the eHealth Council and the eHealth Ethics Unit
  • Is the interface for European and international initiatives on eHealth

I have a project, how can contacting the DNS be of use to me?

The DNS is not the preferred contact for project developers. The role of the DNS is to steer public policy, not to provide individualised support. G_NIUS will help you find the right people to meet your needs.

At what stage of my project should I contact them?

DNS has developed G_NIUS to make it easier for entrepreneurs to access public resources and expertise. Entrepreneurs can use the G_NIUS service at any stage of their development.

What can DNS do for project leaders?

Topics involved

The DNS steers all of the issues addressed by the ministerial roadmap for eHealth based on three fundamental pillars: Ethics, security and interoperability.

Does it fund projects?


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The DNS oversees the ministerial roadmap for eHealth.

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Frequently asked questions about the DNS.

Who is the right person to contact?

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Do I have to pay for the services of the Ministerial Delegation for eHealth (DNS)?


Can the Ministerial Delegation for eHealth (DNS) provide individual support for my project?


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