Developing calls to the INSi teleservice

As a reminder, the INSi teleservice retrieval operation is not relevant to software like yours that does not log identities.
Filling out the CNDA acceptance request while development is ongoing. Once development is complete, your request will be checked, then your software will be tested by the CNDA in order to authorise it to use the INSi teleservice


  • You must have an account on the GIE SESAM-Vitale Espace Industriels and have downloaded the technical documentation.
  • You must have a contract with the CNDA.
  • You must have the necessary equipment to perform the tests.

Our advice

  • To get your authorisation, follow the CNDA compliance testing guide to the letter


This step is not for you if

  • Your software receives health data referenced with the INS only from your identification domain (your software does not receive health data referenced with the INS from another identification domain)


  • Your software stores health data .... (example: Regional PACS)

05. Developing calls to the INSi teleservice

The GIE SESAM-Vitale is responsible for technical support regarding the integration of components and the programming of function calls

The CNDA is responsible for technical support regarding the execution of tests and the results obtained




What to do in concrete terms

  • The development of your software must be based on the reference documents that you have downloaded from the GIE SESAM-Vitale Espace Industriels.
  • The CNDA test environments and guides allow you to validate the development of each feature and to create the acceptance request for your software.
  • This request must be attached to your application for CNDA authorisation. The CNDA, after analyzing your request, will organise a test session to grant you authorisation.

Important: To make it easier to earn your CNDA authorisation, follow the CNDA compliance testing guide to the letter.

To help you, go to your Espace Industriels

  • Watch the replay of the "INSi Teleservice Development Training" webinar (in French) from 12/17/2020
  • View the support and Q&A summary
  • View the AMO Teleservices Integration Support page (training and support materials for integrating health insurance teleservices).

Need help?

The GIE SESAM-Vitale provides support via e-mail or telephone. The CNDA provides support via Helpdesk accessible via your personal space.

If you need to contact the GIE SESAM-Vitale service centre for problems related to INSi teleservice integration, do not forget to provide the following information to facilitate the analysis:

  • the context,
  • the environment (production or test)
  • the trace logs (Request/Response in xml preferably)

06. Getting authorisation from the CNDA

The CNDA is the National Centre for Filing and Accreditation.

This organisation authorises your software to use the teleservices implemented by the Health Insurance Fund, including the INSi teleservice.



Submitting your acceptance request on the CNDA website


If the application is deemed eligible, you will receive the meeting date, generally within two weeks.

  • Submit your application via your personal space on the CNDA website.
  • Upon receipt, the CNDA will give you a provisional date to complete the processing of your file.
  • If the request is deemed eligible, you will be notified of a date for examination depending on the CNDA's earliest availability.
  • If the request is not deemed eligible, a report will be sent to you to submit a corrective request until eligibility is obtained.

Taking the tests to obtain CNDA authorisation

  • The CNDA will perform the tests remotely from a Teamviewer session on the publisher's workstation. The duration of a test session varies from half a day to one day (depending on the features included in the software)
  • These tests are carried out on the basis of the complete test guide issued by the CNDA.
  • To pass a session, it is necessary for all the tests to be taken without requiring any modifications to the software.

Getting authorised by the CNDA

  • Being CNDA-authorised means that your solution is able to call the INSi teleservice.
  • Once authorised, the CNDA issues you the production authorisation number to be integrated in the "LPS context" of each query.
  • Your solution will be listed on the CNDA website and will appear in the GIE SESAM-Vitale product catalogue

Important: This authorisation does not address the requirements of the Implementation Guide produced by the ANS, which you must also follow.

Need help?

If you have any problems, you can send your questions to the CNDA

Download the entire INS step-by-step guide as well as the checklist summarising all the actions to be taken

Mon parcours guidé INS