Checking to see if the INS is relevant to you

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Take few minutes to test if the INS is relevant to you

If you answer "YES" to the 3 questions below, you must implement the INS.

Does your software process personal health data?

  • Important: The CNIL’s definition of health data is broad. Make sure you read it before you answer.


Read the CNIL’s definition of health data:


Is your solution involved in any of the following tasks or activities:

  • Care for the user (hospital, office, telemedicine, etc.)
  • Social care monitoring for that person (social care facilities and services, coordination, etc.)
  • Prevention actions

Is your solution used by one or more of the following categories of users?

The INS is relevant to you

In order to determine what actions you will need to take to implement the INS, you must first identify the nature of your software

Identifying the nature of my software

Need help?

If you have any difficulty in identifying whether the INS is relevant to you, contact GIE SESAM-Vitale at the following address: