eHealth Acceleration Strategy

As part of the "France Relance" recovery plan and the Future Investment Programme (PIA4), the Government is launching an eHealth acceleration strategy.
Announced in January 2021, this five-year strategy involves the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI).

A strategy to prepare for the future and make France a leader in eHealth.

As part of an approach to mobilise all stakeholders in the eHealth sector, this proactive acceleration strategy aims to:

  • Encourage a transition from curative, siloed medicine to a more preventive, predictive and personalised approach
  • Promote the emergence of a major eHealth ecosystem in France, capable of competing in a competitive global market
  • Process health data in a secure and ethical manner, without depending entirely on a few players that are subject to regulations less protective of personal data

Qu'est ce que la Stratégie d'Accélération Santé Numérique

Encourage the emergence of innovative solutions in France and support the economy with strong cost-effective value propositions for the benefit of the general population and patients

Setting up a foundational strategy

The eHealth strategy also reflects an ambition to come up with an effective response to the challenges of the sector while accelerating the shift towards so-called “5P” medicine: personalised, preventive, predictive, participatory and pragmatic (i.e. evidence-based). This transformation of eHealth must be carried out for the benefit of the general population and that of patients.

Launch of a public consultation

A broad public consultation allowed the ecosystem to express its expectations and priorities. This feedback is making it possible to specify and prioritize the content of the acceleration strategy, and also help come up with future calls for projects to be deployed quickly.

Creating different actions to serve the strategy

A CEI is open until 16 June 2021 with the goal of informing the construction of the strategy by proposing both finance-ready projects and more prospective projects likely to be supported in future calls for projects. The results of the CEI will provide the most comprehensive vision possible to configure future national support schemes for the next five years.

Retour sur la Journée Nationale de l'Innovation en Santé Numérique

L’évènement organisé par le ministère du Travail, de la Santé et des Solidarités, ainsi que par l'ensemble de la coordination interministérielle en santé numérique a été l’occasion de célébrer plusieurs anniversaires : les 2 ans de la stratégie d'accélération "Santé numérique", les 3 ans de G_NIUS et la 4ème édition des Talents de la e-santé.

The The eHealth Acceleration Strategy was launched in January 2021. It is a strategy to prepare for the future and make France a leader in eHealth. 5 areas help offer support throughout the life of an eHealth project from the acquisition of skills to training to the deployment of concrete solutions at the local level
Digital services are at the heart of the latest development, and the creation and market release of new devices is a new area of innovation for the industry

Findings from collective public consultations 
Testimony from various local authorities has made it possible to gather a great deal of data on the willingness to build the digital transformation strategy

Four main lines emerged: 

  • Line 1: Facilitate access to markets for start-ups, VSEs and SMEs and other businesses 
  • Line 2: Responding to the challenges of funding and trials for projects 
  • Line 3: Strengthening France's strategic positioning in relation to AI and health data 
  • Line 4: Offering training to enable digital players to be involved in the development of digital services

Further interviews were conducted to clarify the objectives, this “France Relance” eHealth acceleration strategy was finalised and presented in the summer of 2021. 

35 Actions implemented 
With €650 million
, the "France Relance” Digital Transformation Plan acceleration strategy set up collective actions to help companies through the digital transformation

The SASN Tour de France: eHealth Acceleration Strategy 
To meet the people who make eHealth happen locally. To inform, present, meet and promote the local authorities, companies, and local players who are working to make the national recovery plan and digital transition a reality. 

G_NIUS supports you in your calls for projects within the context of the digital plan for local authorities

The National Portal for eHealth Innovation (G_NIUS) provides you with practical tools and information to help you understand the eHealth ecosystem. The objective of G_NIUS is to help you quickly identify who can play a key role in the development and financing of your project. 
At G_NIUS, you'll find educational profiles full of important information to know about the eHealth players who can support you at each stage of your innovation project. 
From the state of the art each step of the way to getting your services or devices to market, G_NIUS provides you with an overview of France that allows you to locate at a glance all the latest developments involving the key people and events behind eHealth. 
Figure out the networks in no time: Who can help you, what you can expect from them, and when to contact them. 


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