Who are we?

G_NIUS gives innovators the keys to success

As provided for by the Ministerial Roadmap for eHealth, G_NIUS is the Guichet National de l'Innovation et des Usages en e-Santé, the National Portal for eHealth Innovation (G_NIUS).

Supported by the Ministerial eHealth Delegation and the ANS, in partnership with the ANSM, Bpifrance, the CNAM, the CNIL and the HAS, G_NIUS is a sectoral web service that directs digital health innovators to the right content and the right experts within the public authorities.

The objective of G_NIUS is to simplify life for innovators and to help them save time.

G_NIUS was constructed jointly by all of the stakeholders in the sector at more than 30 online workshops using innovative tools. The services, content and even the interface were thus defined by the players themselves (start-ups, industrial federations, business clusters, support services, agencies and institutions, etc.).