The 2023-2027 eHealth roadmap

Making digital technology work for health

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The 2023-2027 digital eHealth roadmap, "Making digital technology work for health", describes the priority projects for the next five years.

Published as part of the roadmap, the eHealth framework sets out the organizing principles and describes the regulatory guidelines for those involved in the creation, development and maintenance of eHealth services.

The “eHealth house” is a way of visualizing these principles and embodies the vision of the government as platform, providing a concrete blueprint for implementing the roadmap and cohesiveness for digital initiatives in healthcare.

After alarming reports came out in 2019 that France was falling behind in eHealth, a collective effort was made to address these shortcomings, leading to the 30 actions taken under the 2019-2022 roadmap such as the INS identification system, e-CPS authentication, and Ségur Numérique funding.

The new 2023-2027 eHealth roadmap led by the Délégation ministérielle au numérique en santé, or DNS (Ministerial eHealth Delegation), in conjunction with its partners like the National Health Insurance Fund, the Agence du Numérique en Santé, and healthcare ecosystem players, aims to go even further. It puts digital technology to work for health, and is rooted in stable guiding values: Ethics, sovereignty and sustainability.

This roadmap defines a framework for action and collaboration between public players, patient representatives, and healthcare professionals and facilities. Structured around 4 main pillars, the roadmap presents 18 key priorities and 65 specific objectives. For each objective, one entity is designated as responsible for seeing it through.

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Promoting prevention and empowering people to take charge of their own health (5 priorities, 20 objectives)

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Saving healthcare professionals time and improving care for people through digital technology (5 priorities, 16 objectives)

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Access to healthcare

Improving access to healthcare for people and the professionals who refer them (4 priorities, 11 objectives)

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Favorable environment

Deploy a favorable environment for developing digital practices and innovation in healthcare (4 priorities, 18 objectives)

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