Submitting your financing requests and receiving the corresponding advances


Have completed your enrolment

11. Request financing

Advance payment

ASP (Services and Payment Agency)

Request financing

Once enrolled, you can log in to the ASP page and apply for financing. When this request for financing has been approved, you get your 30% advance.

Your financing is contingent on:

  • Your prior enrolment
  • Conditions relating to the beneficiary of the Service
  • Conditions relating to the scope of the Ségur Service:
  • Conditions relating to the eligibility of the order:
  • Conditions relating to the terms and conditions of delivering Ségur Service
  • Details of the eligibility conditions are specified in your Call for Funding.

Log on to the ASP platform and submit your financing requests as well as the purchase order for the Ségur Service, validated by your client.

The ASP enrolment platform is under development and will be available from late October 2021.

12. Collect an advance

Advance payment

ASP (Services and Payment Agency)

The ASP is processing your application.

If you meet all the conditions, you are notified that your application has been approved, and receive:

  • The decision to award your financing
  • The payment of your 30% advance

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