SIS Interoperability Framework

The interoperability framework for health IT systems (CI-SIS) sets the rules for compatible health information systems.

Getting started

Health and social care Information Systems need to be compatible with each other to facilitate cooperation between professionals and inform medical decisions relating to a patient’s care journey.

The SIS Interoperability Framework (CI-SIS) is a set of reference documents.

The CI-SIS encompasses:

  • technical interoperability in terms of flows and services for the exchange of health data while complying with security requirements and protecting the confidentiality of personal health details.
  • the interoperability of professional content, (allowing for health data to be processed and understood by different information systems thanks to a common language).

It is based on mature, stable international norms and standards and provides durable exchange models.

Its use facilitates the integration of systems and enables healthcare players to ensure their investments will pay off, in particular by avoiding the need for each party to individually specify the data to be exchanged between healthcare ISs.

In practice

Implement interoperability specifications for the healthcare and social care sectors.

When ?

When you develop a new product or an extension to an existing product.


Public Health Code - Article L1110-4

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