FranceConnect is a centralising authority for identity providers.

Getting started

FranceConnect is a central ID authority made available free of charge by the French government, allowing citizens to use an existing credential (tax, AMELI, postal service, Mobile Connect et Moi, or MSA) to identify themselves electronically to other digital services.

Using FranceConnect thus allows designers to dispense with the development of an electronic credentialing and/or ID verification system for their users and to easily anticipate possible future regulations on the assurance level to be assigned to their service (in the long term, eHealth services dealing with personal health data could be required to implement at least a substantial level for electronic identification).

Note that the Carte Vitale (ApCV) app will integrate FranceConnect as an identity provider when it is launched in 2022, alongside the other existing identity providers.

The Health Data Personal Space will include electronic credentialing via FranceConnect as soon as it is launched on 1 January 2022.

Private eHealth services are invited to apply to the ongoing experiment to implement electronic credentialing through FranceConnect

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In practice

1. Apply to join FranceConnect

2. Gain access to development and testing resources from your partner space.

3. Submit your developments for qualification to

4. Your production tokens are given to you.

When ?

As soon as the eHealth service requires user identification or a means of connecting to a patient area.


Is this relevant to me?

It is relevant to you if you are an eHealth service provider, public or private, and your service involves electronic identification.

In particular, if your service includes personal health data (reimbursements, prescriptions, results, messages exchanged with professionals, etc.), you must determine whether it may make sense to use FranceConnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The French government is currently considering a regulation to require that electronic identification meet a particular level of assurance for certain sensitive services, e.g. those that process personal health data.

Finally, national agencies (the DGOS, DGS and HAS), in close collaboration with the network of regional identity security authorities, are developing a national identity security standard. This standard will require that an electronic identification with an ID provider that possesses a substantial level of assurance (per eIDAS) can be used to validate an identity remotely, separate from the use of the INSi teleservice for the retrieval or verification of the INS identity (INS number and five INS features).


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