The Technical Framework

A shared technical framework to accelerate the deployment of eHealth services

A shared reference

The eHealth Technical Framework aims to establish a shared reference point and propose a path for all eHealth players in France.

It is intended for leaders of eHealth services, whether they are the project owners (Regional Support Groups for the Development of e-Health or GRADeS, healthcare facilities, etc.) and/or the project owners (solution publishers, integrators, etc.) and the users of these digital services (health and social care professionals or users of eHealth services in the broad sense).

Like the “Accelerating the eHealth shift" roadmap, this Technical Framework focuses on the exchange and sharing of health data in the health and social care fields.

It is updated annually after public consultation.

Cross-cutting aspects

Electronic identification and access control

The main objectives described:

  • Provide citizens with a minimum assurance level in accessing their health data and bring the ecosystem to maturity.
  • Make it easier for users to access eHealth services and navigate between these services.
  • Offload electronic identification from service providers to a reduced number of identity providers that issue and maintain electronic means of identification.
  • Promote the leading directories for identifying players (INS, RPPS, FINESS), which is key to interoperability.

Useful links:

European e-health roadmap and links with the French roadmap

France participates in European joint actions.

eHealth Joint Action

  • Supporting the actions of the European eHealth Roadmap
  • Empowering people
  • Using health data in innovative ways
  • Improving continuity of care
  • Overcoming implementation challenges (interoperability)
  • Integration into national policies and sustainability

x-eHealth Joint Action:

  • Establishing a common framework for patient data exchange
  • Developing the basis for a usable, interoperable, and secure cross-border electronic health record exchange format

TEHDaS (Towards a European Health Data Space) Joint Action:

  • Creating a European Health Data Space and address one of the European Commission's priorities for the period 2019-2025
  • Compliance with European regulations (including GDPR, eiDAS) and European directives (including the cross-border healthcare directive)
  • Setting up data exchange infrastructure between Member States (eHDSI) = European trust area
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Useful links:

Digital Health Space - Service package

In progress: CNAM POC - ANS Secure messaging, first results expected late 2020

In progress: Store » ENS: Listing process

Since the second quarter of 2020: Pilot experiments

July 2021: Launch of the pilot version of the ENS on part of the population for the DMP and MSS scope

January 2022: Launch of the general-public version

By January 2022 at the latest: OTSS law to include the automatic creation of a Personal Health Data Space (ENS) for everyone, unless the user or their legal representative opts out

Useful link:

Consult the Technical Framework

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