Checking if my digital service is applicable

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Take a few minutes to test whether your digital service is suitable for inclusion in the Mon Espace Santé catalogue

To find out if Mon Espace Santé is relevant to you, it comes down to 2 questions. If you answer "YES" to the following two questions, your solution is affected. If you answer "NO" to any of these questions, your solution is not affected

Is your digital solution aimed at individuals (patients, citizens, users)?

If you develop an app that you give to your clients who use it and offer it to users under their name, then Mon Espace Santé does apply to you, and you will therefore be able to undergo its listing process starting in 2021.

Does your digital solution concern health, wellness, or maintaining autonomy?

Mon Espace Santé is relevant to you

In order to determine the actions you will have to take to be listed in Mon Espace Santé, you must first identify which uses apply to your solution

Identifying which uses apply to your solution

Need help?

If you have any problems, you can send your questions to the Mon Espace Santé teams

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