Third-party trial sites

Emerge third-party trial sites for digital technology in health organizations.

What is the purpose of this action?

Provide long-term funding for health structures that set up experimental programs, contribute to the financing of their projects and promote the results

Who is it for ?

Structures involved in:

- healthcare
- health or social care
- the public or private sector
- outpatient or inpatient services

The structures must be large enough to participate in the deployment of the tested solution

Key information

Budget: €63 over 5 years.

5-year ambitions:

  • 30 third-party sites financed
  • One hundred innovative digital solutions tested and evaluated


The lack of "testing grounds" is a limitation to the development of the eHealth industry.

This action aims to set up and finance trial programs in health and social care structures, involving non-hospital health professionals, in order to validate the cost-effectiveness of services and accelerate their time to market


    The aim of the action is to:

    • Finance “leading” innovation structures to implement these trial programs (getting health professionals involved, cost-effectiveness studies, project support, etc.)
    • Give these structures resources and partner digital companies in order to develop new tools and services, test them out under real conditions, evaluate their impact, and identify obstacles to their deployment and how to overcome them.
    • Disseminate the results of experiments and contribute to the deployment of solutions that have proven their cost-effectiveness. Disseminate lessons learned from failed projects to market players and client organizations.

    Roadmap of the action

    • Q4 2022

      Launch of the first experiments in the winning trial sites

    • 18 janvier 2024

      Annonce des lauréats de la 2ème vague

    • 28 mars 2024

      Ouverture de la 3ème vague

    • 14 juin 2024

      Clôture de la 3ème vague


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