10 questions to start your project

Ten key questions will help you determine your approach

You’re getting ready to pitch your idea, but have you considered all aspects of your project?

A little advice: Take the time to answer the first question, then answer the next one, and then check if the answers fit the problem!

1 - #Problem

What situation do you want to improve?

Which problem, issue, or pain point identified for the health user, professional, or health system does your solution solve?

  • Tip: Write your purpose and then check that all your actions help to implement it

2 - #Added value

What solution do you provide?

Can you describe in one simple sentence the added value/innovative nature of your solution compared to what already exists?

Can you answer these 4 questions very simply: What is the purpose of your solution? How does it work? Who uses it? Who pays?

  • Tip: Added medical, organisational and technical value is always measured. Think about evaluation

3 - # Health Ecosystem

Who buys, who uses?

Are you familiar with the health ecosystem (e.g. prevention, health, social care, self-sufficiency) in terms of its players and "economic structure" (Who buys what? Who finances what?)

  • Tip: Identify in advance the major players who will be interacting with you.

4 - # Competition

Why you?

What alternative or competing solutions have been identified in France, in the EU and abroad?

Who will you be harming/disrupting?

  • Tip: Is it easy to copy? What barrier to entry does your solution have?

5- # Business Model

How do you earn revenue?

What are the principles of your business model at its initial stage and when it gets to market?

  • Tip: Don't confuse users with buyers. How does your buyer operate?

6 - # Usage

Match your solution with its users

Who are the main users of your solution (healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, administrative staff, etc.)?

Do you have connections with the field (healthcare professionals or others) who can describe the need (interview) and then test the product?

  • Tip: Do you have a "KOL” (healthcare professional or institution) that will help you in development, vouch for the science, and speak on behalf of the business user?

7 - # Regulations

Have you identified what framework covers your service?

What is the "regulatory" environment of your solution (GDPR, medical device/EU regulation, etc.)?

  • Tip: Identify in advance the regulatory framework so that it can be incorporated into your roadmap at the right time.

8 - #Support

Why should I get support?

Are you being tracked by entities that can support you: Incubators, technology parks, accelerators, etc. (business model, stage of maturity of the solutions, etc.)

  • Tip: They will save you precious months by giving you the right tools (business model, market identification, etc.) pointing you to the right people (healthcare professionals, clusters, regional council, BPI, CCI, etc.)

9 - # Team

Are you well-equipped?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team (CEO and partners)? How do you plan to compensate for your weaknesses? (partnerships, service providers, adding a partner, etc.)

  • Tip: Don't neglect the importance of professional vouching (medical, user, etc.)

10 - # Vision

Offer a look into the future

What is your goal for the next 2 years? What steps will it take to get there?

  • Tip: Explain how, and be realistic

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