G_NIUS launches its step-by-step guide for the implementation of the National eHealth ID (INS)!



Designed by the teams of the Centre National de Dépôt et d'Agrément (CNDA), GIE SESAM-Vitale and the Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS), this step-by-step guide was created to facilitate the work of publishers who are responsible for deploying the INS to their customers.

As a reminder, the INS is the unique, permanent identity of each user.
Since January 1, 2021, all health data must be listed with the INS. In the first phase, this unique identity will facilitate the exchange and sharing of health data, and then in the second, it will improve the quality and safety of care.

If you are subject to the implementation of the INS, you must offer an INS-compatible solution to your customers as soon as possible to enable them to comply with the legal obligation, which has been in effect since January 1, 2021, to list all health data with the INS.

The guide was conceived because teams from the CNDA, GIE SESAM-Vitale and the ANS, the three organisations involved in the implementation of the INS, wanted to provide clarification and insight into this implementation process, since each structure has its own scope, procedures and deadlines. It’s not always easy for software publishers to find their way around.

The aim was therefore to create a tool that would easily identify the different stages of the process, make the support offered to software publishers more visible, facilitate access to information and resources, and quickly identify the right people to contact depending on the publisher's problem.

Thanks to this collaboration, the step-by-step guide is now online on the G_NIUS website!

This is a service that supports publishers from start to finish in their implementation of the French National eHealth ID (the INS):

  • It’s possible to check in 3 minutes if the INS is relevant to you
  • Then if it is, you can get the list of steps toward implementation depending on the nature of your software
  • Finally, you’ll find step-by-step details of what needs to be done, with "tips and tricks" to help you save time each step of the way: Figuring out who to contact, what documents need to be provided, and when you need to do it by.

If you already know the INS applies to you, check out our step-by-step guide!

Thanks to the teams at the ANS, GIE SESAM-Vitale and CNDA.

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