Step-by-step guide to Ségur Numérique listing and funding

Here are the steps to take, the players to contact, and the documentation to read so that you can attain Ségur listing.

What would you like to do?

Check if you are eligible for the Ségur listing and funding scheme before starting the work

Learn about all the steps involved in the Ségur listing and funding process

Learn about the Ségur listing and funding mechanism

One of the outcomes of the major eHealth consultation spearheaded by the Ministry of Health has been the allocation of €2 billion to support the large-scale and coherent development of eHealth facilities in France. This historic investment is intended to accelerate the modernisation, interoperability, reversibility, convergence and security of health information systems. These issues have been a focus of attention since May 2019 and the elaboration of the eHealth roadmap. The final objectives are as follows:

Enable citizens to take charge of their own health

Normalise the fluid, secure sharing of health data between healthcare professionals and the user for better prevention and better care.

Improve the working environment for healthcare professionals

Accelerate the digital transformation roadmap

How does it work?

Determine whether one of the listed use cases is relevant to you

Align your solution with the features expected in the referencing specification files (DSR) for your use case

Begin the process of getting your solution listed and provide evidence of your compliance

Deploy your solution to your customers and get funding for each deployment

I discover the main steps of the referencing of my solution

Je découvre les grandes étapes du référencement de ma solution


Questions you may have

What is equipment funding?

Equipment funding provides financial support for the transition to a Ségur-listed solution, via direct payment to the publishers that provide this service to an healthcare professional or facility.

Who is eligible for Ségur funding?

Any publisher of a solution listed by the ANS (which thus meets the functional and technical requirements of Ségur), as soon as that solution is actually available on the market. Any distributor of a solution listed by the ANS (declared as such to the ANS and having a mandate established by the Publisher), as soon as that solution is actually available on the market.

What are the eligibility criteria for funding?

In order to be funded, the publisher must meet conditions relating to the beneficiary of the Service, the scope of the Service, the terms and conditions for providing the Service and the ordering of the Service. It must also be registered beforehand with the Agence de Service et de Paiement (Service and Payment Agency).

What do you do if multiple lanes apply to you?

Listing and enrolment is done based on DSR (Listing Specification File), lane, and software type. Applications for funding are made according to the funding unit of the relevant lane (Body for labwork, server for radiology, group practice or health centre (MSP or CDS) for outpatient medicine, healthcare facility for hospitals).

Can I get fee-for-service funding?

No, fee-for-service is intended for healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities, and care homes.

How do you prove your compliance?

Check the Requirements Framework, which lists all the technical and functional requirements, the compliance scenarios and the expected evidence.

Does each client deployment count for one funding allotment?

No, not necessarily. The number of allotments depends on the number of bodies for labwork, the number of servers for radiology, the number of group practices or health centres (MSP or CDS) for outpatient medicine, and the number of healthcare facilities for hospitals.

What are the deadlines for industry?

For all lanes, see the schedule of dates for wave 1 end of receipt of referral requests, end of receipt of payment requests (advance), end of receipt of payment requests (balance).