Tool for declaring the maturity of their information system compared to the target defined by the roadmap.

    Getting started

    The Convergence Tool operationally describes to the players in the healthcare and social care sectors the architecture, security and interoperability goals in the "Accelerating the eHealth shift" roadmap. It serves to accompany these players on the path to convergence.

    To do this, it describes to the health IS managers:

    • the target for the architecture of health information systems as defined in the roadmap;
    • the projected timetable for the provision of national shared components of the target;
    • the main convergence criteria.

    Health IS managers are invited to:

    • gauge how far they are in meeting these different criteria by indicating their current level of maturity
    • plan out, if necessary, the path of convergence towards the national target by adapting the timetable with regard to the national trajectory components.

    The quantitative analysis of the responses will also make it possible to detect the problems of implementing the target architecture in order to plan appropriate actions:

    • stepping up assistance on targeted subjects and/or in targeted areas
    • updating the framework to address implementation issues

    In practice

    Declare your maturity levels and your plan for converging towards the architecture target defined by the roadmap.

    When ?

    Right now for the products you currently offer, and whenever new major versions or new products are released.

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