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What is the SATT Network?

The 13 members of the Société d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologie (Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies) or SATT Network, are simplified joint stock companies created in regionally by various public research facilities and by the national government under the Future Investments Programme (PIA). As the main contact for research laboratories, they identify the skills and inventions of public researchers in their region, and their potential for development. These companies have the investment capacity to detect, protect and develop inventions drawn from public research. They provide strategic and financial support throughout an innovation’s development chain so that it can meet socio-economic expectations. They define the best strategy to exploit intellectual property by transferring the technology either to an existing company or by helping create deeptech startups.

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The SATTs are the link between academic research and economic markets. Their mission is to invest in projects in order to maximise the socio-economic impact of academic research findings and to promote job creation in France by simplifying, accelerating and facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge from public research to companies of all sizes.

I have a project, how can contacting the SATT Network be of use to me?

For companies interested in innovative technologies resulting from public research, the members of the SATT network can help you:

  • Identify the right laboratory, the right skill or technology, at the regional or national level
  • Establish the best strategy for integrating this skill and/or technology
  • In some cases, a co-development programme may be drawn up to mitigate the technology's risk with financial investment from the SATT, enabling it to meet the innovation needs of a company
  • Get a licensing contract.

For investors and/or entrepreneurs, SATTs have a pool of projects for which the creation of a company is the identified operating vehicle. These projects represent opportunities to invest and/or gain a place in the management team.

At what stage of my project should I contact you?

For an existing company, we can bring you all the strength of Public Research to identify skills and technologies to strengthen your development. The SATTs have access to 80% of public researchers in all scientific fields.

For a start-up being created, the SATT network’s members can support you by providing essential technological bricks or an organisational method, or by mentoring you in the setting of an integrated incubator and putting you in touch with the right contacts.

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J'ai un projet, en quoi entrer en contact avec le Réseau SATT m'est utile ? 

Le réseau SATT :

  • Accompagne le développement technologique de projets innovants à forte intensité technologique issus de plusieurs années de recherche au sein de laboratoires publics. Le réseau SATT vous accompagne pas à pas en investissant vos projets de recherche appliquée. En découlent de formidables projets de création de startups DeepTech ;
  • Ouvre les portes vers une mine d’opportunités au cœur de l’aventure entrepreneuriale ;
  • Sécurise vos inventions par une stratégie de propriété intellectuelle adaptée ;
  • Aide à transformer vos résultats de recherche en innovations concrètes, créatrices de retombées économiques.

À quelle phase de mon projet entrer en contact ? 

Dans le cas d’une entreprise existante, nous pouvons vous apporter toute la force de la Recherche Publique pour identifier des compétences et technologies pour renforcer votre développement. Les SATT ont accès à 80% des chercheurs publics dans tous les domaines scientifiques.

Dans le cas d’une création de startup, les membres du réseau SATT peuvent vous accompagner en mettant à disposition des briques technologiques indispensables, une méthodologie structurante ou encore en vous accompagnant dans le cadre d’un incubateur intégré et en vous mettant en relation avec les bons interlocuteurs. 

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  • Newsletter (actualités, levée de fonds,…) ;
  • Technologies disponibles (en partie) ;
  • Service de recherche de technologies (scouting) ;
  • Offres d’emploi.

Practical Guide

Frequently asked questions about the SATT Network.

Who is the right person to contact?

All members of the SATT Network have a website. Based on your request and profile, an appropriate answer will be provided. The 13 members are located throughout France.

Do the SATTs charge for their services?

The services provided may require a fee, but the advice and initial discussions do not.

Can the SATTs support my project individually?

In each region, a member of the network can support the technology transfer project and also accompany you in your startup creation project within the setting of an incubator, whether operated directly or not.

How much can the SATTs invest?

Investments in technological maturation can vary on average from €150K to 300K per project.

What is the SATT business model?

The SATTs are financed by the PIA, and are compensating by licensing intellectual property and sharing the revenues in an equitable way with the research institutions that originated the scientific and/or technological innovation.

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