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What is FHF?

A shared home for public hospitals and social care facilities, the Hospital Federation of France (FHF) brings together elected representatives, directors, doctors and users.
By putting the needs of patients and residents first, the FHF contributes to the public debate and defends a responsible, ambitious vision of public service.
Alongside its 4,800 members in 20 regional federations, the FHF is a driving force behind proposals to simplify and improve the efficiency of our health system, from the regions up.

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The FHF has never stopped defending public hospitals and social care facilities.
By providing suggestions to public decision-makers, the FHF contributes to parliamentary debates (proposing amendments, taking part in hearings, etc.) and maintains an ongoing dialogue with local, national and European institutions. The Federation participates in the public debate through the publication of subject-specific reports, white papers and collections of proposals, as well as through its presence on both traditional and social media.


The FHF coordinates and unites the health and social care ecosystem at all levels.
It organises topical conferences and large-scale events such as "SANTEXPO", which welcomes 30,000 attendees each year. The FHF is actively involved in the work of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE) and is the French coordinator for the European hospital manager exchange programme. The FHF is developing international hospital cooperation in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD). It also contributes to the actions of the International Hospital Federation (IHF).


The FHF promotes the work of hospitals and social care facilities, their staff, and health and social care innovations.
It also promotes the development of innovative approaches such as "Population Responsibility", focused on prevention and cooperation between stakeholders in different parts of France. The Federation provides a large number of resources for the public hospital and social care community (directory, job listings, public procurement, data, etc.). It publishes the Revue Hospitalière de France (RHF), a trade journal.

I have a project, how can contacting the FHF be of use to me?

The Hospital Federation of France can help you find the right people to talk to in health and social care facilities.

At what stage of my project should I contact you?

At any stage of your project, provided that it can already be presented and shared.

To understand how to work with a facility, consult the Hospi'Up guide

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J'ai un projet, en quoi entrer en contact avec la FHF m'est utile ?

La Fédération hospitalière de France peut vous aider à trouver les bons interlocuteurs, dans les structures sanitaires et médico-sociales.

À quelle phase de mon projet entrer en contact avec votre structure ?

A tous les stades de votre projet, pour peu que celui-ci puisse déjà être présenté et partagé.

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Ressources accessibles

  • La FHF met au service de la communauté hospitalière et médico-sociale publique des annuaires, offres d'emploi, marchés publics, datas et édite la Revue Hospitalière de France (RHF). 
  • La Fédération a créé le Fonds FHF pour fédérer l'ensemble des acteurs innovants en santé et via le Guide Hospi'Up, leur permettre de savoir comment travailler ensemble.

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