Caisse Nationale de Solidarité pour l'Autonomie (CNSA)



Type of actor

Institutional player

Fields of intervention

Social care

Intervention zone


What is the National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA)?

The CNSA is a public administrative institution under the oversight of the Ministry of Health and the Secretariat of State for the Disabled.

It is in charge of steering the ESMS digital programme (eHealth shift, Ma santé 2022), with the Ministerial Delegation for eHealth coordinating all digital shift actions for the social care sector.

Digital technology is a critical tool for the transformation of social care facilities and services. For example, technology will make it possible to share information between players in the health care, social care, social, schooling, professional integration and caregiver assistance sectors. The ESMS digital program aims to implement a standardised electronic user record in social care facilities and services. This mobile, communicable record will follow elderly and disabled people at every stage of their lives.

In order to meet these challenges, the CNSA is funding the modernisation of ESMS information systems over the next five years.

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The CNSA organises the financing of the ESMS Digital programme. In conjunction with the Ministerial eHealth Delegation (DNS), it defines the framework and conditions for that funding, in particular by means of the annual framework instructions for the ESMS Digital programme. It monitors the programme in all its aspects (financing, compliance, risks, objectives, etc.). 
Alongside its national partners, the CNSA leads the national ecosystem, in particular by maintaining regular relations with federations of managers of establishments and services and with software publishers. 
The CNSA supports the regional health agencies (ARS) and the regional support groups for the development of eHealth (GRADeS) in implementing the programme at the regional level. To this end, it leads a professional community of resources dedicated to the programme in the ARS and GRADeS.  
The CNSA is not intended to interact directly with the managing bodies or ESSMS that are beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries of funding, with the exception of entities involved or wishing to respond to a national call for digital ESMS projects. 

I have a project, how can contacting the CNSA be of use to me? 

  • For information on the Digital ESMS programme 
  • To implement a solution in the framework of Digital ESMS 

At what stage of my project should I contact them? 

  • During the pre-project phase and throughout the duration of the project, if it is selected 

J’ai un projet, en quoi entrer en contact avec la CNSA m’est utile ?

  • Pour avoir des informations sur les différents programmes (ESMS numérique par exemple) ;
  • Pour implémenter une solution dans le cadre d’un des programmes mis en oeuvre par la CNSA.

À quelle phase de mon projet entrer en contact ?

Pendant la phase d’avant-projet et pendant toute la durée du projet, s’il est retenu.

Finance-t-elle des projets ?

  • Oui, elle finance des projets embarquant plus de 50 ESSMS dans le cadre des appels à projets nationaux ;
  • Elle répartit les crédits aux agences régionales de santé pour que celle-ci financent les projets de moins de 50 ESSMS dans le cadre des appels à projets régionaux.

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Practical Guide

Frequently asked questions about the CNSA.

Who is the right person to contact?

The ESMS Digital Programs Directorate is in charge of the ESMS Digital Plan and can answer your questions.
It can be reached via the Contact tab on the CNSA website.

Does the CNSA charge for its services?

The CNSA is a public institutional actor. Its services are therefore free.

Can the CNSA support my project individually?

The CNSA can guide you in the implementation of your project.

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