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Type of actor

Support player

Fields of intervention

Health / Social care / Medical Device

Intervention zone

Regional / National / European / International

What is Atlanpole Biotherapies?

Atlanpole Biotherapies is the health business cluster for the Greater West region (Brittany, Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire). It brings together the skills of more than 220 laboratory members, healthcare institutions and companies to provide a complete public-private offering to develop the medicine of tomorrow. eHealth is one of the cluster's strategic areas, alongside immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, animal health, and clinical nutrition & microbiota

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The cluster supports and certifies innovative projects led by public and private players. Whether those projects are organised at the level of a geographical area or a company, the cluster monitors calls for projects (regional, national and European), follows up on the financed projects, liaises with funders, and searches for partners to constitute a consortium. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the health ecosystem, the cluster is at your service to accelerate the development of your innovations. It also allows you to become more visible within a network.

The cluster also coordinates the health ecosystem, relying on regional contacts. The cluster also offers its members a range of international services to help them develop their business in France, Europe and the US.

I have a project, how can contacting Atlanpole Biotherapies be of use to me?

If you have an idea for a project, the cluster will help you to test your idea on the market, finance and structure your innovation project, by finding partners (public and/or private), identifying sources of funding, and assisting you in obtaining certification for your innovative project. The project managers will save you time, and can decipher calls for projects and guide you in putting together your proposal in response to a call for tenders, enabling you to earn certification with full confidentiality.

At what stage of my project should I contact Atlanpole Biotherapies?

Whatever the maturity of your R&D project, the cluster can provide you with its market insight and help you identify partners that will enable you to validate, build, and develop your idea.

J’ai un projet en quoi entrer en contact avec Atlanpole Biotherapies m’est utile ?

Vous avez une idée de projet, le pôle vous accompagne pour :

  • Diversifier votre réseau en participant à des événements du pôle et de ses partenaires et grâce à des mises en relation réalisées par le pôle ;
  • Développer vos projets d'innovation par un accompagnement complet : veille des projets (régionaux, nationaux, européens), constitution de consortia, dialogue avec les financeurs, montage de projets, labellisation de projets, suivi et valorisation des projets ;
  • Viser l'international en accédant aux réseaux européens des pôles et aux financements spécifiques pour l'internationalisation ;
  • Gagner en visibilité en rejoignant la communauté et en diffusant vos actualités via les canaux du pôle.

À quelle phase de mon projet entrer en contact avec Atlanpole Biotherapies ?

Quelle que soit la maturité de votre projet de R&D, le pôle peut vous apporter son regard marché et vous aider à identifier les partenaires qui vous permettront de valider votre idée, de la construire et la développer. 

Finance-t-il des projets ?

Non, le pôle ne finance pas directement les projets, mais maîtrise les dispositifs de financement, et est en lien étroit avec les financeurs afin de vous orienter vers les bons guichets de financement.

Practical guide

Frequently asked questions about Atlanpole Biotherapies.

Who is the right person to contact?

Charlotte Nény:

Does Atlanpole Biotherapies charge for its services?

The services of the cluster are included in the annual membership.

Can Atlanpole Biotherapies support my project individually?


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