Building the strategy and Call for Expression of Interest

Based on the lessons learned from the public consultation, concrete actions by different ministries are being developed and will bear fruit in the near future.
The finalised eHealth Acceleration Strategy will be unveiled in the summer of 2021.

Principles behind the strategy

  • Strengthening France's strategic advantage, particularly in quality databases, artificial intelligence (AI) and embedded technologies.
  • Breaking down the silos that are holding back innovation in healthcare (making it easier to incorporate innovation into courses of treatment, single point of contact for start-ups).
  • Addressing funding issues, including new experiments in hospital incubators.
  • The use of public procurement as a factor in stimulating innovation.
  • Accessibility of the French market (ensuring that patients and professionals can benefit from innovations developed in France).
  • Training options adapted to new challenges.

Launch of a Call for Expressions of Interest (CEI)

In line with the public consultation launched recently, the government now wishes to identify players and their projects within France through a call for expressions of interest (CEI).

The CEI has two main objectives:

  • To inform the construction of the strategy by proposing both finance-ready projects and more prospective projects likely to be supported in future calls for projects
  • To identify the players involved and collect their project proposals within France.

It is mainly aimed at companies, alone or in association with research laboratories, healthcare facilities, and health structures (coordination, social care) supporting these companies. The results of the CEI will provide the most comprehensive vision possible to configure future national support schemes for the next five years.

This call for expressions of interest is open until 16 June 2021 with an interim break.

The Bpifrance teams are available to assist project leaders in preparing their applications.

Information on the administrative process (creating an application, online procedures, aid rates) can be obtained from Bpifrance:

  • by email at the following address: