Publication of the telehealth functional standard



The telemedicine functional standard has been extended to telecare, becoming the telehealth functional standard.
This functional standard meets the objectives of the "Accelerating the eHealth shift" roadmap, and is intended for any player wishing to develop or acquire telehealth software.

Decree No. 2021-707 of June 3, 2021 on telehealth defines the conditions for implementing and paying for telecare, and extends the use of tele-expertise to all health professionals.

The concept of telehealth now encompasses telemedicine and its five procedures (tele-consultation, tele-expertise, tele-monitoring, tele-assistance, medical response within the framework of medical regulations), as well as telecare.

The new version of the telehealth functional standard includes the following features:

  • addition of the telecare functional standard, co-constructed with healthcare professionals and publishers and put out to public consultation from 9 June to 9 July, 2021
  • alignment of the tele-consultation and tele-expertise functional standards with decree no. 2021-707 of 3 June 2021.

Following the various contributions, it seems important to recall that this functional standard aims exclusively to define the key functionalities of telehealth software, and to reiterate or specify the regulatory framework and national issues in which these functionalities must be included.

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