The MSSanté Standard for Publishers of Messaging Clients is online!



Version 0.1 of MSSanté Standard #2 for Messaging Clients is online!

This Standard applies to any software that implements message sending or receiving features via an MSSanté Operator.

This first version deals with:

  • Carrying MSSanté messages between MSSanté messaging clients and MSSanté Operators, regardless of which MSSanté Operator it is
  • Requirements for producing and consuming MSSanté messages, particularly in the case of health document exchanges

The next versions of MSSanté Standards #1 (Operators) and #2 (Messaging Clients) will deal with the API chosen in consultation with software publishers.
In the meantime, the APIs described in the Technical Specifications File (DST) for messaging client/MSSanté Operator interfaces remain applicable to publishers that are compatible with the Mailiz Operator.

As to MSSanté exchanges, the verification of software compliance with the requirements of the Ségur de la Santé Labelling Specification Files (DSLs) will be based on version 0.1 of Standard #2, Messaging Clients.

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