Consultation on the process for listing digital services in the Mon Espace Santé catalogue



Consultation from 3 August to 19 September 2021

What is Mon Espace Santé?

From 1 January 2022, Mon Espace Santé will offer citizens a catalogue of digital services useful for their health. This catalogue will list services, some free and some not, developed by public or private actors. In an inclusive approach, the catalogue will allow citizens to discover the richness of the available services to take care of their health.

The catalogue is indeed a tool for regulating the sector. This is because the listed services will have to comply with a certain number of requirements, particularly in terms of security, interoperability and ethics (quality, accessibility, transparency, sustainable development, etc.). Applications for listing will begin in the fall.

What is the consultation process?

The documents published as part of the consultation include:

  • The proposed criteria to be applied in the listing process, to be filled out by the publisher in the Convergence tool
  • The complete listing process.

This platform strategy, in which the players in the field of eHealth are being asked to participate, is unprecedented. Your contributions to determining the criteria and the listing process are essential to crafting the future features of Mon Espace Santé and of the health system as a whole.

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