The ANS releases a new version of the Multi-Terminology Server



A new action in the eHealth roadmap, completed on 28 July.

This version adds:

  • A SPARQL query engine (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language): SPARQL is a query language analogous to SQL for relational databases that allows you to query and modify a set of resources in RDF format. All Terminologies published on the MTS are accessible from the SPARQL query engine
  • The service is available to all users. Some Terminologies, however, are only visible to logged-in users.
  • A data extraction, transformation and loading module, allowing the ANS to facilitate updates of health terminologies, allowing the CGTS to be more responsive in updating terminologies.
  • Patches and improvements in the back-office facilitating the management and publication of health terminologies.

The range of terminologies in RDF/OWL format available on the MTS follows the roadmap of health terminologies, determined annually and agreed upon as part of the governance of the CI-SIS (Interoperability Framework for Health IT Systems). The next roadmap for the publication of Terminologies will be presented at the CI-SIS Consultation Committee on 15 September 2021.

If you have any questions, you can use the address