Service package

The service package allows healthcare professionals to access multiple services in one place.

Getting started

Currently, health professionals and organisations have at their disposal many digital tools and services to support their activities, provided by public or private actors, for the management of their patients, the coordination of care, access to medical information, relations with the French social security system and other authorities and their affiliates.

Simplifying and developing practices requires that tools are consistent and easily accessible.

The service package should enable professionals to spend more time with their patients and be better informed about the services available to support them in their work.

It will make it easier to access and understand the various digital services offered by public and private actors.

Application Developers: Use the Service Pack now!

In practice

Consider the use cases of your solution being listed in the store and watch for upcoming announcements.

When ?

The Service Package will be launched in 2024.

Our experts on the subject

Pierre Dubreuil,

Délégation au numérique en santé (DNS)

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Finding your way around the technical framework

The technical framework describes the actions in the ministerial roadmap for the eHealth shift.

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