3 questions about INS: Does it affect me?

Three key questions will help you determine your approach

If you answer "yes" to all 3 questions below, you must use the INS.

Does your service process personal health data?

Personal health data is data relating to the past, present or future physical or mental health of a natural person (including the provision of healthcare services) that reveals information about that person's health status.

This definition therefore includes, for example:

  • Information about the natural person collected when that natural person is enrolled for health care services or when those services are provided: a specific number, symbol, or element assigned to a natural person to uniquely identify him or her for health care purposes;
  • Information obtained from the testing or examination of a body part or bodily substance, including from genetic data and biological samples;
  • Information concerning a disease, disability, risk of disease, medical history, clinical treatment or physiological or biomedical condition of the individual, for example, regardless of its source, such as from a physician or other health care professional, hospital, medical device or in vitro diagnostic test.

Note: This definition encompasses some measurement data from which information about the health status of the individual can be inferred.

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Is your solution involved in performing care?

Care includes the following missions or activities:

  • Care of the user (hospital, outpatient, telemedicine, etc.)
  • Medical and social monitoring of the person (health and social care facilities and services, coordination, etc.)
  • Prevention actions

Is your solution used by one or more of the following categories of players?  

The following players use your digital service:

  • Healthcare professionals (self-employed or salaried) and members of a care team (a care team is a group of professionals who participate in care, social care monitoring, or the coordination of more than one of these acts (article L110-12 of the Public Health Code).
  • Healthcare facilities and services (whatever their status and the nature of their activity)
  • Health centres and clinics
  • Armed forces medical corps
  • Social care professionals, facilities, or services
  • Teams at Regional disability advice centres (MDPH)
  • Coordination, shared practices, or health or social care coordination structures (e.g. Regional healthcare coordination authority (GHTs), healthcare networks, coordination support systems (DACs), etc.)
  • Organisation involved in prevention, care, or social care monitoring

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