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What is AFNOR Éditions?

AFNOR Éditions is the unit in charge of the promotion and dissemination of voluntary standards within the French Association for Standardisation (AFNOR). Its mission is recognised as being of general interest and its supervisory ministry is the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery.

AFNOR Éditions' mission is to provide French economic players with voluntary standards related to the activities carried out by companies. AFNOR Éditions is developing digital solutions that provide easy access to French, European, and international standards. Companies can consult the guaranteed-complete standards they need in real time. This ensures the quality, reliability and safety of their production and processes.

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  • Provide French economic players with voluntary standards related to the activities carried out by companies
  • Develop digital solutions that allow easy access to those standards

I have a project, how can contacting AFNOR Éditions be of use to me?

  • To identify the voluntary standards applicable to your activity
  • To access the relevant standards documents
  • To get assistance in using the voluntary standards

Many standards are related to the health sector and related digital services: Quality management, risk management, engineering processes, testing and electrical safety requirements, symbols to be used, etc

At what stage of my project should I contact you?

  • Prior to starting a project: Determine the applicable voluntary standards to assess its feasibility
  • During development: Apply the standards that ensure the quality, reliability and security of development

J'ai un projet, en quoi entrer en contact avec AFNOR Éditions m'est utile ?

  • Pour identifier les normes volontaires applicables à son activité ;
  • Pour accéder aux documents normatifs en question ;
  • Pour bénéficier de services d’aide à l’utilisation des normes volontaires.

De nombreuses normes sont en lien avec le secteur de la santé et les services numériques attachés : management de la qualité, gestion des risques, processus d’ingénierie, essais et exigences en matière de sécurité électrique, symboles à utiliser…Ainsi, grâce à ses différents services et outils pratiques, AFNOR Editions vous aide à comprendre et décrypter les normes.

À quelle phase de mon projet entrer en contact ? 

  • En amont d’un projet : déterminer les normes volontaires applicables permettant d’évaluer sa faisabilité ;
  • Pendant les développements : appliquer les normes qui permettent d’assurer leur qualité, leur fiabilité et leur sécurité.

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Who is the right person to contact?

The is a dedicated team for guiding customers:
Phone : +33 (0)1 41 62 76 44
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