eHealth in the Netherlands

Key figures

17,44 M



health expenditure as a share of GDP


provinces ensure the dialogue between municipalities and the State

Three systems to ensure universal coverage

  1. The health system in the Netherlands is mainly covered by a social insurance system consisting of 11 health insurance funds. The state makes basic health insurance compulsory for all citizens and defines a set of benefits that these funds must provide to citizens. Four health insurance funds cover the majority of Dutch residents: Zilveren Kruis (Achmea), VGZ, CZ and Menzis. They are represented by the association of Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN). 
  2. The 11 insurance companies that provide compulsory basic insurance also offer supplementary insurance to cover care excluded from basic insurance, such as dental care and physiotherapy. 
  3. Long-term care will account for 10.8% of the Dutch health budget in 2021, as one of the government's priorities is to ensure that older people can receive care at home. Most of this care is financed by the state. Social benefits are also paid for by taxes and organised by the municipalities.

A la rencontre des ambassadeurs

Esther Hogenhout, conseillère innovation, sciences et technologie à l'Ambassade des Pays-Bas en France

How do you access to the Netherlands market ?

1. The Netherlands government's Zorgvoorinnoveren page for health innovators

Zorgooninnoveren is a platform that informs, advises and connects health entrepreneurs and innovators to the health ecosystem. Zorgooninnoveren facilitates interactions between entrepreneurs and all stakeholders in the ecosystem.
A contact form is also available on their website for personalized support. 
The funding page of their website also lists the funding that health innovators can benefit from in the Netherlands.  It concentrates in one place all the opportunities offered and especially those of the Dutch agency of companies and ZonMw.

2. Health Holland's website where to look for more opportunities

Alongside the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy and Climate is responsible for stimulating innovation in the Netherlands. To do this, it defines priorities called “Top Sectors”. Health Holland is the government organization responsible for mobilizing the life sciences and health ecosystem. To this end, Health Holland organizes meetings, facilitates public-private cooperation, offers a support service for start-ups and lists financing opportunities for innovative companies.

3. The NeLL cluster to join

The NeLL cluster is the national digital health laboratory. NeLL offers a digital platform and provides a physical space for stakeholders in the healthcare digital ecosystem in the Netherlands. Any player can join NeLL and find a first point of contact to enter the Dutch market.

4. The innovation hubs to join

5. The Zorginstituut Nederland where to get health innovations checked

The Zorginstituut Nederland ensures that all care reimbursed by the Dutch state meets Dutch safety and quality standards.

6. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport decides on the reimbursement

The Dutch Ministry of Health determines which health solutions are reimbursed in the Netherlands. The Ministry makes its decision on the basis of advice from the Zorginstituut but is independent in its decision-making. The Ministry decides on the acceptance and respective rates of all health services and care to be reimbursed by the health insurance funds.

7. Raising awareness of digital health innovation

The Zorg van Nu website is available for patients and healthcare professionals. This site is used to give visibility to its digital health solution.