eHealth in Lithuania

Key figures

2.8 M


7.81 %

of health spending in 2021 (as a share of GDP)



A mixed health system of public and private providers

The health system is predominantly funded by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) through a compulsory health insurance scheme.  
The Ministry of Health (MoH), with support of specialized agencies, formulates health policy and regulations. The 60 municipalities are responsible for organizing the provision of primary, public health and social care to their population.

Digital health innovation as a catalyst for health system change

In 2015, a national electronic infrastructure of health services was launched. As of today, it provides healthcare professionals and patients with access to patient health records, including e-prescriptions, e-discharges, laboratory test results, medical imaging reports, hospital discharge reports, COVID-19 certificates, etc.
In 2021, the government adopted the Law on the Reuse of Health Data paving the way for regulating the secondary use of health data, ahead of the publication of the European Health Data Space regulation. 

How to access the Lithuanian market?

1. The six necessary steps to implement a business in Lithuania

As an entrepreneur, you need to prepare articles of association and the founding agreement. Then you need to open a business bank account and transfer share capital to that accumulative account. It is also necessary to notarize the founding documents at a registered notary’s office. Finally, you have to register the company in the Register of Legal Entities
and convert the accumulative bank account into a settlement account.

Click here to find out more for timelines and steps to implement a business in Lithuania. 

2. Obtain marketing authorization from the State Medicines Control Agency of Lithuania by submitting the relevant form

The State Medicines Control Agency is in charge the protection of public health, through the evaluation and supervision of medicines for human use including the scientific evaluation of marketing authorisation applications and marketing authorisation, the supervision of manufacturing authorisation holders and the supervision of clinical trials. 

Find the application form for marketing authorization here

3. Reach out to Invest Lithuania to obtain support for the deployment of your digital solution

"Invest Lithuania" is the official agency for foreign direct investment and business development. The agency helps to make the most informed decisions for new operations by providing tailored in-depth market and industry insights, advice on business costs, and information concerning the local labor and legal frameworks. 

4. Obtain financial support

There are several existing financial support mechanisms for business. Invest LT+ is an example of financial support covering employment costs in a cash back form.

Innovation hubs

These innovation hubs gather stakeholders of the digital health field and facilitate their incubation on the market

Life sciences center

A new and innovative center with modern laboratory equipment and top-level scientific research services