eHealth in Cyprus

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public general hospitals

7.1 %

Health expenditure in relation to GDP

In June 2019, Cyprus started to implement a new national health system that aims to provide universal health care coverage

  • The new health system is funded by the government through income and pension contributions. Finally, the range of health care covered by health insurance has been expanded.
  • The State Health Services Organization (SHSO) is the largest provider of healthcare services. It operates hospitals, clinics, and health centers across the country, and provides services to both Cypriot citizens and foreigners.

A patient-centric eHealth system at national level

  • Cyprus has initiated and implemented various measures to implement digital components in its health system. In 2019, the government introduced legislation dedicated to digital health (Cyprus eHealth Law 59 (I)/2019) which defines the legal framework for the national eHealth ecosystem in Cyprus, including for e-prescription and telemedicine. This law also created a Single eHealth Records Bank (SeHRB) to store national electronic health records of all Cypriot citizens. The national eHealth authority is responsible for managing the SeHRB.
  • The government has also been investing in digital health startups, providing funding and support to entrepreneurs working on innovative solutions for healthcare. This has led to the growth of a vibrant startup ecosystem in Cyprus, with companies working on developing medical devices as well as health apps.

How to access the Cypriot digital health market?

1. Submit the relevant form to the Medical Device Authority of Cyprus

The Medical Device Authority oversees is in charge of regulating the medical devices market. For the integration of medical devices on the market, that are already registered by a Member State of the European Union and therefore bear the CE conformity, no further registration is required. However, you must notify the Competent Authority of Medical Equipment that you are going to place a product on the market, by completing the relevant form.

2. Obtain the reimbursement from the Health Insurance System

The health insurance system is in charge of granting reimbursement of medical devices since this authority is the single purchaser of services from both public and private health care sectors.

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The European project of biobank supports the establishment of a biobank infrastructure for health data established in Cyprus