Building a business model for health care

If you want to market an innovative tool in the health sector, do the smart thing by asking the right questions

Some basics

Do not confuse users with customers.

  • The user can be a patient and/or a caregiver, while the customer (the one who will pay for the solution and make it available to users) can be a health care facility, a mutual insurer, or the national health insurance fund if the solution is reimbursable. It is therefore necessary to know why they would buy the solution.
  • B2B: Your customers are health care facilities and/or professionals
  • or B2C: Your customers are the patients; be mindful that in France, they are not necessarily used to paying for eHealth solutions

In the health sector, many projects are BtoBtoC and offered free of charge to patients by health care organisations.

  • Working with the drug industry

    Your business model is reliant on pharmaceutical companies.

    Important things to understand
  • Working with insurance and social protection

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