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Innovative project financing in a booming market !

Does your organisation offer research and development of innovative projects for the health sector? You should know that there are many actors at the regional, national, European or international level who can support you financially to develop your platform or medical device.

We know that financing a project is a central issue for any entrepreneur. Investment is the basis for the development of an innovative platform or product. You are probably all familiar with the principle of fundraising, but do you know that there are many other services and means of financing? Grants, pricing, loans, recoverable advances and reimbursements for medical devices are all solutions for which you may potentially be eligible, depending on the progress of your project or your needs (one-off or recurrent financing, individual or collaborative financing, etc.).

To determine which financing best suits your company's situation and your e-health project, G_NIUS is on the job !

How can G_NIUS help me in financing my project?

G_NIUS accompanies you throughout your search for financing by suggesting all the services and companies capable of supporting investment in your eHealth project.
A set of documentation is also available to answer the most common questions and the essential issues that need resolving before, during and after the marketing of your health service or device. Learn the keys towhich financing, which financing, quickly obtaining financial aid, or getting the information needed for which financingfrom the national health insurance fund. 

You can also keep up with the latest trends in eHealth entrepreneurship with our podcast "100 jours pour réussir (100 Days to Succeed)". The programme includes interviews with experts (Partech, ANSM, CNIL, etc.) on topical issues and several tips for moving from theory to practice. 

With the overview of types of financing, innovative companies can easily identify the main aid available to them according to the nature of the projects and the investment needs: Calls for projects, expressions of interest, regional intervention funds, etc. 

These services are designed to help innovators finance their eHealth projects in order to accelerate their time to market.

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