Users' competences

Increasing users' eHealth usage skills

What is the objective of the action ?

Through various actions implemented from 2022, including the PIX 'Digital Health' platform, citizens will be able to increase their digital health skills.


Who is it for ?

  • Users of the health system


  • Acculturate
  • Training
  • Accompany

users of the health system in the development of their digital health skills.

This is done regardless of the socio-cultural level and specific needs of each individual in order to facilitate access to health for all and reduce inequalities.

This action aims to acculturate, train and support users of the health system in the development of their digital health skills. 


The objectives of this action are to :

  • Systematically assess the digital skills of health care users in order to identify obstacles and provide appropriate responses, including by proposing non-digital alternatives;
  • Develop pathways and certification of digital health skills for citizens, health system users and their relatives.

To this end, it is recommended to develop, within the PIX platform, a "Digital Health" module which : 

  • Facilitate access to administrative procedures (accessing rights, consulting health services, making appointments online, etc.)
  • Improve the management of health data (access to care data, medical records, data protection, etc.)
  • Improve user information and interaction with the health system

Action roadmap

  • During the first half of 2022

    The action starts and is conducted in 2 phases:

    • For 3 years: it focuses on pedagogical engineering and the launch of modules (with an evaluation every year).
    • Afterwards: it will be based on the perpetuation of the modules at all levels of education and initial continuing education.