Hospital data warehouses

Accompany and support the creation of shared health and clinical data warehouses

What is the purpose of this action?

"Hospital health data warehouses” call for projects. Get involved!


France has considerable assets in the area of health data, whether it be the large medical/administrative database of the Health Insurance Fund or the large research cohorts, or even the dynamic currently observed in the deployment of hospital health data warehouses.

As part of the France 2030 eHealth acceleration strategy, a new action is being deployed to accompany and support the creation of data warehouses. Sizable benefits to the health of the French people will be obtained:

  • Accelerating medical research: By gathering the necessary critical mass of data, it will be possible to develop algorithms to determine the most appropriate treatments for rare diseases; to detect or characterize precancerous conditions, etc. With the development of personalized medicine, clinical trials are proliferating, and new approaches must be developed to cope with this change, such as virtual trials, the use of synthetic control arms, or monitoring to detect side effects that cannot be measured in small clinical trials.
  • Improving information for patients as part of their care pathway: By making the transmission of information more fluid through the implementation of an eHealth space, by making it possible to provide personalized advice, by strengthening preventive medicine or telemedicine, by helping the patient take an active role in their own care with the help of medical devices and connected objects that they can consult, and by developing the collection and use of quality of life data as part of the evaluation of health products.
  • Providing healthcare professionals with tools to support their work: Whether it is to help them choose the best treatment options for the patient's individual situation, to help them interpret medical imaging results, to improve drug prescriptions, etc.
  • Ensuring the monitoring and continuous improvement of the healthcare system: By developing the use of real-life data, for example, in the evaluation of health products placed on the market, in the monitoring of a health crisis, or in the monitoring and evaluation of public health policies.


To help address these issues, a national program has been launched to strengthen and build a network of hospital data warehouses covering the country. This distributed, subsidiary network will be interfaced with the Health Data Hub and subject to national governance of health data, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

The objective of this support is to:

  • Establish a national network at three levels (local, shared, national) that conditions the production and fluid sharing of health data and their usage with public and private players in research and innovation.
  • Ensure gradual implementation according to priority business use scenarios, expressed by the public and private actors involved
  • Incentivize the actors to collect, quality-check, use, and share the data with coordinated complementary approaches that avoid the compartmentalization of activity.
  • Facilitate usage, sharing, and the scientific services available.

This support will benefit from the joint financial support of the Ministry of Health and Prevention and from France 2030, which will provide €50 million over the period 2022 to 2024. A call for projects has been launched with the objective of selecting a first wave of projects by October 11, 2022.

Subject to the publication of the Order of the Prime Minister approving these specifications in the Official Journal.

During the Tour de France of the "eHealth" 2022 acceleration strategy, issues related to the production and use of health data were discussed in Rennes, on June 15, 2022, during a dedicated round table, in the presence of many local and national players from the world of research, healthcare organizations, and the private sector.

Roadmap of the action

  • 2022-07-20

    Opening of the call for projects

  • 2022-10-11

    1st round

  • 2023-04-12

    2nd round

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