eHealth Barometer

Set up a barometer of the eHealth sector

What is the purpose of this action?

The establishment of a reference barometer should allow for regular and updated monitoring of the eHealth sector ecosystem

Who is it for ?

  • The general public
  • All eHealth players in the health, medical and social care fields
  • Communication partners (federations, unions, etc.)
  • Contributing players (providers of services required by the lead players)


The eHealth sector is still immature and includes both well-established "legacyl" players and newcomers, along with numerous innovative startups.

Many qualitative and quantitative studies exist to try to outline the sector and characterize it in terms of economic value, employment, and the number of services put on the market. However, these studies often have a viewpoint specific to their author, and are often fragmented and specific.

It is therefore essential to be able to quantify and monitor the sector on a regular basis.


The implementation of this action will be carried out as follows:

  • Set up a reference barometer supported by the public authorities
  • Have regularly updates that allow us to identify how the sector has changed over the years and the impact of actions under the eHealth Acceleration Strategy
  • Enrich the barometer over the years with new indicators and gradually put health issues into perspective with changes in the sector

Roadmap of the action

  • H2 2022

    Defining the indicators and methodology

  • H1 2023

    1st version of the barometer

  • Annually

    Publication of updated data