Developing the imaging sector

Supporting the development of a world-class imaging sector in France

What is the purpose of the action?

95M€ are dedicated to the development of an excellent imaging sector in France.  
Innovation and experimentation are supported through the i-nov and i-demo services operated by BPI France.  

Who is it for ?

Startups and SMEs with innovating projects in medical imaging.

Industrialists in partnership with academics and/or healthcare institutions with collaborative projects in medical imaging.

Key information


12/14/21: Publication of the i-nov wave


The field of medical imaging is particularly abudant in rich and dense data, whose exploitation is emblematic of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence. The medical imaging of the future will be portable, hybrid, personalised and therapeutic, with the aim of more precise and earlier diagnoses and less invasive procedures.


This action aims to support the development of an imaging sector of excellence in France, by increasing the co-financing effort for the development of new medical imaging solutions and image processing software. This action will aim in particular to: 

  • Support innovation carried out by startups and SMEs in R&D
  • Support collaborative projects involving industrials, academics and industrial demonstrators
  • Support the upgrading of software in healthcare facilities for sharing medical imaging data through the digital component of the Ségur de la santé
  • Support clinical studies aiming to demonstrate the medico-economic benefits of software-based medical devices to facilitate diagnosis and therapeutic decisions based on image analysis, through a call for projects dedicated to the acceleration strategy

Can i apply to the action?

Amount dedicated to the action

95 million

Does it fund projects?


How to apply?

The action is already launched, it is possible to apply


  • 2nd quarter of 2022

    Winners selection

  • Period 2022-2025

    Annual calls for projects