Steps to implementing the INS

If your software log identities

You will find below a summary of the actions to be taken, who to contact, advice and tips to best prepare your approach, as well as all the useful documentation and resources

Preparatory phase

Read the documentation base and prepare the environment for development.

Development phase

In order to save time, we advise you to carry out the three steps in parallel.

Deployment phase

Deploy your INS-enabled solution once it has been authorised by the CNDA and is compliant with the Implementation Guide.

Ready to start implementing INS?

Starting the work

Download the entire INS step-by-step guide as well as the checklist summarising all the actions to be taken

INS step-by-step guide

Our tips for saving time

Personal CPx cards and software certificates

  • To access the INSi teleservice, your clients must have a CPx card (CPS, CPF or CPE) or software certificate.
  • Warning: non-personal CPx cards do not work. Please inform your clients as soon as possible so that they can order name-specific CPx cards from the ANS if necessary.
  • Procedures for ordering these products (CPx card and/or server certificate) are available on the ANS website.

CPx test cards and test certificates

  • Don't have any CPx test cards and/or test certificates? Order them as soon as possible from the ANS by following the procedure
  • Do you already have test CPx cards and test certificates? Please note that they are valid for 3 years. If these products expire, don't hesitate to order new ones from the ANS website.

Matters of note

Software compliance

  • A system will be put in place in the second half of 2021 to ensure software compliance.


Do not confuse authorisation with compliance

  • Note, once you are authorised by the CNDA, your solution will be able to call the INSi teleservice, but it will not necessarily comply with the requirements of the ANS-produced Implementation Guide, which is not covered by CNDA authorisation.
  • Therefore, you will also need to ensure that your software complies with the Implementation Guide before deploying your solution to your clients.


A prerequisite for integrating Mon Espace Santé and adding to the Shared Medical Record (DMP)

  • Implementing the INS will be a prerequisite for joining Mon Espace Santé as of 1 January 2022.
  • A qualified INS will be required to populate the DMP.