eHealth in Portugal

Key figures to remember



10.6% of the GDP

was spent on healthcare in 2022

Five regional agencies responsible for the health system

Portugal is centrally governed. The health system is planned and regulated by the Ministry of Health. It delegates local supervision and management to five health agencies covering the five regions of the country

The Portuguese health system is characterized by the coexistence of three health systems:

  • A public and universal system: This is mainly financed by taxes.
  • Two health insurance "subsystems" covering 25% of the population:
  1. The Citizenship Welfare (SPSC) System offers health insurance that can make additional financial assistance available to employees to meet their healthcare needs.
  2. The supplemental Individual Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) system provides access to additional benefits.

30% of the Portuguese health budget is financed by individual patient contributions.

How do you access the Portuguese market?

1. The Health Cluster Portugal, a centralized contact point for health innovation and market access

The Health Cluster Portugal is an association that brings together all eHealth actors. It now has 170 members, including research and development institutions, universities, hospitals, civil society organizations, and companies.

Its mission is to create, facilitate and encourage innovation, to attract talent, to create cooperation within its ecosystem, to facilitate the market access of these innovations, and to support their spread.

The Health Cluster Portugal also offers the platform which lists the actors, projects and services of the Portuguese ecosystem in order to facilitate exchanges. It is an inclusive network of foreign innovators and companies.

In order to meet the needs of the elderly population, the HCP has facilitated the development of this sector and is part of a series of state-coordinated "competitiveness clusters" aimed at boosting the industry.

2. The Serviço Nacional de Saúde and its 5 regional agencies

The Serviço Nacional de Saùde, the equivalent of the Ministry of Health, and his national policies implemented by its 5 regional health agencies. The State plays an active role in the development of the eHealth economic sector and implements action plans offering insight into the progress of eHealth in Portugal. In 2022, a budget of €300M was set up to support the digital transition of the Portuguese health system.

3. Infarmed: The national drug and health products authority

Infarmed is the National Authority for Medicines and Health Products of Portugal. It regulates the medical products market and ensures access to the best technologies for healthcare professionals and patients. This is the agency that oversees market access for new health products and technologies.

National agencies and institutes

In charge of applying Portuguese regulations

Business clusters

Support innovation in the health sector