Benefit Assessment

Supporting the assessment of the medical and/or economic added value of software medical devices

What is the purpose of the action?

Since September 16, 2021, the call for projects "Evaluation of the medical and/or economic benefit of digital or artificial intelligence-based medical devices" is open and is operated by BPI France. 

This annual wave has a budget of €20M.

Who is it for ?

  • Projects can be either mono-partner or collaborative. 
  • In case of a collaborative project, the consortium must include at least one health institution and the institution in charge of the development of the device. 
  • This call for projects is open to all types of partners: public and private.

Key information

€20M annual budget

Open call for projects (closing date 02/03/2022)


The growing importance of digital in healthcare is disrupting traditional medicine and medical device development cycles. Digital companies are developing their technology faster, and are bringing to market products that too often have not been demonstrated to have clinical value.  

The lack of evaluation and analysis of the potential of the market induces a significant risk

  • It initiates the market access process
  • It can lead projects to new R&D phases
  • It can jeopardize the company when R&D funding is no longer assured

This action is linked to the experimentation axis of the strategy.


The goal is to support projects that aim to evaluate the benefit of digital or AI-based medical devices. The results of rigorous evaluation projects should:

  • Allow to justify the use in practice of the tested device
  • Determine access to common law, guaranteeing a recurrent business model for companies demonstrating a significant medical service rendered.
  • To be the foundation of trust in these new technologies among users and citizens alike

Calls for projects will be launched in successive waves every year. A support mechanism will be implemented by the health departments.


Can I apply for the action?

Associated amount of the action


Does it fund projects?


How to apply?

The action has been launched, it is possible to apply.


  • September 16th, 2021

    Launch of the first call for tenders.

  • March 2nd, 2022

    Closing of the first tender.

  • 8 avril 2025

    Clôture de la relève n°2