Assessment of skills

Implementing tools for assessing and certifying skills

What is the objective of the action ?

This action aims, through the PIX pro Santé platform, to evaluate and then certify the digital health skills of previously trained students

Who is it for ?

To the PIX+ Pro santé audience composed of: 

  • Health and medical-social students,
  • Professionals in professional and continuing education

Key information

PIX+ Pro Santé platform


In order for the investments made in digital health care to produce their full effect, it is necessary for the associated uses to be guaranteed by the mastery of the essential digital skills. Without knowledge of the challenges of digital health care, without the ability to master secure exchanges between professionals, and without a strong awareness of cybersecurity issues, no real digital transformation can take place.

The implementation of the PIX+ Pro for health is in line with the work carried out by the CNS's 'Training' working group, and is also in line with the recommendations of the CNNum report (Health 2020) and the report of the Conference of Deans of Medical Schools. 

The creation of the PIX+ Pro santé (continuation of the C2i2 for health professions) aims to set up a system for assessing the skills acquired by students and professionals in the field of digital health. 



PIX is a non profit organization constituted as a public interest group which creates services allowing any citizen to evaluate, develop and certify his digital skills. The platform developed by PIX evaluates the skills by a questionnaire of situation setting approaching as much as possible the conditions of real life. 

A reference system of core competencies will be developed and will serve as a basis for the production of the tests that make up the PIX+ Pro santé. It will be consistent with the training reference frameworks developed within the framework of the action 'Modifying the texts regulating the initial training of professionals in the health sector'.

Individualized pathways (e.g., by specialty and by profession) will be created based on this core competency framework. These paths will allow the evaluation to be adapted to the needs of each profession. At the end of the tests, a certification can be issued to attest the level of the candidate.

Vous souhaitez expérimenter le dispositif ?

Une phase d’expérimentation du dispositif Pix+Professionnels de santé sera lancée à partir de mars 2023.
En amont, un groupe de travail dédié au déploiement de Pix sera lancé avec les membres des consortiums lauréats de l’AMI CMA opérant sur la formation initiale des professionnels de la santé et du social.