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The aim of the Ethics Unit is to provide an ethical framework for the development of eHealth.

Getting started

The mission of the eHealth Ethics Unit is to make ethics a central element of the digital shift in health, in particular by developing practical tools for evaluating, certifying, and raising awareness of digital tools, whether they are services for health professionals or mobile apps, especially for citizens, to be listed on the "Pro Services Package" and "Health Data Personal Space" platforms.

For example, best practice guides are being developed to encourage start-ups and publishers to integrate an ethical dimension into the design of an artificial intelligence solution for health (the principle of "ethics by design"). A self-assessment grid for the ethical dimension of professional tools (HIS and practice management software) will also be developed.

It will also be necessary to initiate a digital streamlining approach to reduce the environmental impact (in particular greenhouse gas emissions) of health information systems, with a view to committing the sponsors and stakeholders of eHealth projects to sustainable development.

In practice

Your digital tool must meet certain requirements (content, ethics and privacy) to be included in the Health Data Personal Space (ENS).

Read the ethical guidelines.

When ?

Ethical guidelines to be published Q1 2021


Art. L. 1111-13-1.-III - Article 45

Art. L. 1111-13-1.-III (Art 45 of law no. 2019-774 of 24 July 2019 on the organisation and transformation of the health system)

Read Art. L. 1111-13-1.-III (in French)



Next steps in the project:

  • WG1 - Production of a second series of animated films to raise awareness of eHealth ethics

    Q4 2022 and H1 2023: 

    4 upcoming films on: 

    • Tele-expertise 
    • Teleconsultation 
    • Mon Espace Santé 
    • Consent 
  • WG2 - Production of the "Ethics and sustainable development" pillar of the Maturin-H HIS certification standard (including a HIS carbon footprint calculator and HIS eco-score)

    Q4 2022 Trial of a simplified version of the HIS eco-score in parallel with the Maturin-H trial 

    H1 2023 Trial of the "Ethics and sustainable development" pillar within the Maturin-H standard  

    H2 2023 Broad roll-out of the certification standard and the HIS eco-score 

  • WG3 - Work on the ethics of AI

    H2 2022 Dissemination and promotion of the "Ethics by design in AI" guide 

    H1 and H2 2023: The working group will do more detailed work on the guide and formalise the standard for the ethics of digital services that include AI solutions

  • WG4 - Production of e-Codes of Conduct for Order-based professions

    2023: Launching the work 

  • WG6 - Environmental impact of eHealth

    H1 2022 Trial of the eco-score by publishers applying for Mon Espace Santé listing 

    H2 2022 Broad roll-out of the eco-score – a mandatory criterion for referencing to Mon Espace Santé and launch of work on assessing the environmental impact of other eHealth tools and services 

    H1 and H2 2023: Work on the development of new eco-scores

  • WG7 - Production of an ethics assessment grid for PMSs

    H2 2022: Grid trial 

    H1 2023 Formalisation of the PMS ethics standard

  • WG8 - Production of the "Ethics of Telehealth” practical guides

    H2 2022: Publication of a first version of a guide to telehealth ethics 

    H1 2023 Testing the guide with players in the field  

  • WG9 - 10: Digital divides – Broad roll-out of the Mon Espace Santé support system

    2023: continuous

  • WG9 - 10: Digital divides – making training content available

    2023: continuous 

  • WG11 - Production of the ethical evaluation grid for ESMS ISs

    H2 2022: Launching the work 

    H1 2023 Grid trial 

    H2 2023: Formalisation of the ESMS IS ethics standard 

  • Ethicovigilance platform

    H2 2022: Development of the platform 

    H1 2023: Trial on a limited scope

  • Cross-cutting: Production of the CENS (eHealth Ethics Framework) (equivalent to the CI-SIS and the PGSSI-S for ethics)


  • Ethical standard for health apps

    Continuous: Review of applications for MES listing for the Ethics chapter 

Our experts on the subject

Brigitte Seroussi,

Délégation ministérielle au Numérique en Santé

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