Teleconsultation & Telehealth

Developing teleconsultation/telehealth services accessible to people with disabilities

What is the objective of the action ?

This recurrent action has a total budget of €5M
As of 14 December 2021, a call for "digital health and imaging" projects is published via the i-nov portal. 

Who is it for ?

To teleconsultation software providers

Key information

5M budget

14/12/21: publication of a call for projects via the i-nov portal


20% of the French population is affected by a disability and 40% of the French population is faced with a temporary or permanent disability. 

Standards (RGAA) already exist and should be capitalised on.


The expected telehealth projects must allow people with disabilities (motor, psychic, mental or sensory) easier access to care, without accentuating the digital divide. The following technological fields will be favoured in particular :

  • Digital telehealth solutions respecting the General Accessibility Improvement Reference System (RGAA);
  • Digital solutions co-designed and tested by people with disabilities and/or associations representing them.

The proposed solutions must be in line with the guidelines of the inter-ministerial committee on disability (CIH) and with the recommendations of the "Accessibility of teleconsultation" working group led by the General Directorate for Healthcare.

Can I apply for the action ?

Amount associated with the action

20 million euros

Does it fund projects?


How to apply ?

The action will be launched on 14 December 2021 and it will be possible to apply

Action roadmap

  • 14 December 2021

    Publication of the i-nov wave

  • 23 March 2022

    Closing of the i-nov wave

  • S2 2022

    Selection of winners

  • 2022 / 2025

    Annual calls for projects